E-Bike Usage On The Little Miami Bike Trail 

Over the course of the bike riding season we receive many emails asking about e-bikes.

Below is a very imformative article by Erick Wikum. 

Safe Trails: It’s Electric!

by Erick Wikum

In recent years, pedal power received a literal boost with the advent of e-bikes, which provide assistance when a rider is pedaling. While e-bikes appeal to a wide range of people for a variety of reasons, e-bikes provide an especially important benefit for those who, due to age, disability or fitness level, are unable to ride traditional bicycles. E-bikes can allow these individuals to regain mobility and fitness, all while enjoying reduced stress and other mental health benefits.

Last year, Ohio passed laws covering the usage of e-bikes. Ohio categorizes e-bikes into three classes. Classes 1 and 2, equipped with a motor or a throttle-activated motor, respectively, cease to provide assistance when the bike reaches 20mph. Class 3 is similar to Class 1, but has a specification of 28mph. Ohio permits e-bike use on trails unless prohibited by the trail manager. Since the manager of the Little Miami Scenic Trail (the Ohio Department of Natural Resources) has not prohibited e-bikes, then class 1 and 2 e-bikes are currently permitted there. Class 3 e-bikes, which can exceed the trail speed limit of 20mph, are not permitted.

The article continues here at Friends of Little Miami State Park